Located in Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Humanist Association, (THA) brings together humanists and non-theists of all stripes together toward the cause of progressive change. We are a Chartered chapter of the American Humanist Association (AHA), headquartered in Washington, DC and a branch of the Humanist Society of the Suncoast.
AHA, with their extensive local and national media contacts, their lobbying and coalition efforts on Capitol Hill and the efforts of our grassroots activists, will ensure that the humanist point of view is represented—in the halls of power, down on Main Street, and everywhere in-between.

Humanism to put it succinctly, is an advocacy movement springing from the time the first of our ancestors asked, "Why?" to the philosophy of Epicurus over 2500 years ago, and growing ever more rapidly with the expansion of scientific knowledge and ethical relations into our own time.

It is a movement that consistently seeks the most favorable conditions for the fulfillment of human potential. Based on the the infinite curiosity of the human mind, and the social principle of friendship, and using the the instruments of reason and science, we seek greater understanding of the humanity of ourselves and others, within the context of the natural world.

In practice, this means constant education about the nature of ourselves and our world, and participation in the long continuing struggle for a just, humane, and rational society.

Humanism as a form of life cannot guarantee you longevity, riches, or happiness, but as a life dedicated to knowing the truth about our world and ourselves, we think you will find that it is well worth living.

THA participates in AHA’s annual conference which draws hundreds of humanists from across the U.S. to hear world-renowned speakers, connect with fellow non-theists and have a say in the future of the organization. Through our Charter Membership with AHA, we work alongside other national and local organizations in the community of reason, and also reach out to our progressive allies in matters of social, environmental, economic, and political issues of common concern.

Working with our ‘sister’ organization, the Humanist Society of the Suncoast and the Tampa Branch of Center for Inquiry and other organizations within the Tampa Bay United Coalition of Reason, it is THA’s intention to enlarge the distinctive voice of humanism within the Region and strive to create a cooperative atmosphere within the community as we deal with the challanges of the future.

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