What we, as Humanists, must do to achieve our objectives is best exemplified by the following quotation from Bertrand Russell:

"We want to stand upon our own feet and look fair and square at the world – its good facts, its bad facts, its beauties, and its ugliness, see the world as it is and not be afraid of it. Conquer the world by intelligence and not merely by being slavishly subdued by the terror that comes from it. The whole conception of God is a conception derived from the ancient Oriental despotisms. It is a conception quite unworthy of men. When you hear people in church debasing themselves and saying that they are miserable sinners, and all the rest of it, it seems contemptible and not worthy of self-respecting human beings. We ought to stand up and look the world frankly in the face. We ought to make the best we can of the world, and if it is not so good as we wish, after all it will still be better than what these others have made of it in all these ages.

A Better Life - A new Freethought Film

There is no God. Now what? If this is the only life we have, how does that affect how we live our lives, how we treat each other, and cope with death. Photographer and filmmaker Chris Johnson introduces us to some of the many voices from his book.

In this fascinating documentary — learn the stories behind the book in interviews with some of our greatest thinkers. Join Chris as he explores issues of joy & meaning and travels around the
globe meeting people from all walks of life and backgrounds who challenge the false stereotypes of atheists as immoral and evil. From Daniel Dennett and A.C. Grayling, to Julia Sweeney and Robert Llewellyn —learn the various ways many atheists have left religion to a better life filled with love, compassion, hope, and wonder!

See the film. Meet the director, Chris Johnson
Friday 7 to 9:30 April 21, at the UU Clearwater, Octagon
Presented by UU Humanists & TB-CoR . $5.00 All welcome!


A good world needs knowledge, kindliness, and courage. It does not need a regretful hankering after the past or a fettering of free intelligence by the words uttered long ago by ignorant men. It needs a fearless outlook and a free intelligence. It needs hope for the future, not looking back all the time toward a past that is dead, which we trust will be far surpassed by the time that our intelligence can create." Bertrand Russell, 1927.


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